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Welcome to Glomshire (wipe yer feet, please)

The Glomshire Knights wiki is more than you'd ever want to know about the webcomic Glomshire Knights by Dennis Price. GK is a photography-based comic utilizing Lego brand building blocks and accessories to create medieval mayhem. The comic details the adventures and mishaps of the citizens/heroes/buffoons of the land of Glomshire. The main story arc centers around Gil and Ewart, rangers in the service of Glomshire's ruler, Lord Jerek; however, the author has been known to abandon a story arc momentarily to slip in a gag or set up a subplot.


  • Glomshire Knights? Where the heck do I find it?
  • After a one week hiatus in mid-October, Glomshire Knights is back to its regular Wednesday and Saturday update special -- until early December, when the the author will most likely take another week's hiatus in a mad rush to do a month or two of comics to hold him over until February, when he'll take another week's hiatus to do two month's worth of comics . . .  sense a pattern here?

Why I created Glomshire KnightsEdit

Reason #1: Can't draw.

Reason #2: I can build with Lego.

Reason #3: Everyone has a story, they say. Mine just happens to be a messed up medieval fantasy that isn't afraid to reference modern times, technologies, or otherwise poke fun at whatever I feel is fun to poke.

Reason #4: It's fun.